How law firm drummed up cases versus British troops: Representative paid to give out surveys that were later on developed into anonymous witness statements

A law practice pestering British troops paid an agent to hand out surveys to Iraqi civilians as a basis for making claims versus British troops, it emerged yesterday. They were turned into unsigned witness declarations in the UK by lawyer Phil Shiner s firm, which then lodged claims in court. Information of the practice were kept from an examination into the death of an Iraqi civilian shot dead by British soldier Richard Catterall.d1

After a Ministry of Defence problem the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) will investigate the surveys as part of a broader probe into worries Public Interest Lawyers acted against the solicitor’s code of conduct. The firm, which has gotten countless pounds in taxpayer-funded legal aid, has actually been under investigation by the SRA for a year. The Government has sent several documents that came to light throughout the 200,000 Iraqi Fatality Investigations (IFI) inquiries, consisting of evidence a representative named Abu Jamal, later on used by the firm, touted for business, which protests the rules for lawyers. Find out more about whistleblower reward here. In a witness statement, Fatima Dahesh, the grieving widow of Muhammad Salim, shot dead by previous Sergeant Catterall in Basra in 2003, said Mr. Jamal knocked on her door when she was a in an extreme grieving state weeks after the occurrence. He passed the case to PIL, which pursued it for more than a decade. Her declaration, exposed in the Daily Mail, is the strongest proof up until now that households were convinced to make claims versus UK soldiers. In the next few weeks the SRA may decide that PIL should deal with a tribunal, which might see lawyers being struck off or the firm fined. The guard dog is also investigating whether PIL utilized 2 further unnamed representatives to distribute surveys, which left out crucial concerns such as were other celebrations likewise shooting in this incident?. It is understood the MoD believes the questions were leading and yield partial details and are inadequate to introduce an examination. A government source stated: It is precisely this type of behavior that led us to push the SRA to examine PIL in the very first location. It can t stop there which is why we are working up plans to put a stop to rogue law firms bugging our soldiers with spurious claims. More than 1,500 allegations of murder and ill treatment have been lodged by law office. Colonel Richard Kemp, who regulated soldiers in Afghanistan, stated he hoped the proof against PIL would see Phil Shiner struck off so he can no more benefit from the exploitation of British soldiers. Tory MP Johnny Mercer, a previous soldier leading a query into law firms pestering British soldiers, stated: I fail to really comprehend how we might make the lives of our individual soldiers who have actually served with guts and valor on operations anymore hard. Recently the IFI questions discovered Mr. Catterall had actually acted in self-defense as any reasonable, trained soldier would when he shot Mr. Salim. Speaking for the very first time since he was cleared, the 46-year-old said last night: I m simply delighted it is all over. Sir George Newman, the IFI inquiry s chairman, discovered the case against Mr. Catterall had depended on a file doctored making it resemble the British military was to blame. If the household had actually been given proper legal recommendations the claim against Mr. Catterall, who was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, may never ever have been lodged, he said.


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